Hemp Works

Hemp WorksIn the city center of Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, is Hemp Works located. Hemp Works is a fashion store selling environmentally friendly clothing made from hemp. It's unique in the world as hemp isn't even legal in most countries. In the future more shops around the world might be selling hemp clothing as hemp has some specific characteristics that are very positive for clothing.

The establishment of Hemp Works

Hemp Works has been founded in 1993 by two enthusiastic men dreaming of establishing their own shop. At first, it was an independent clothing store selling many brands offering hemp fashion. And now, about 20 years later, it's one of the biggest hemp clothing shops in the world. They're selling their very own brand which is extremely popular within their target audience.

Hemp Works is trying to reinvent clothing

Most clothing sold nowadays is synthetic and uncomfortable. Hemp Works wanted clothing to be natural again. For this purpose they decided to design organic hemp wear. Hemp doesn't require all kinds of chemical stuff to grow as fast as possible, unlike any other plant. That's what makes it so natural. In addition, it's much more natural than synthetic clothing, which is made in fabrics.

Own label called Hemp HoodLamb

It took a while to design the first shirts and jeans, but after several months Hemp Works finally showed their first garments to the great public. Thereafter their sales were going at a high pace and many more clothes were being created. At the moment, the collection exists of a variety of stylish products for men as well as for women.

Expensive but certainly not overpriced

The products of Hemp HoodLamb are a little more expensive than most other products. Because of their perfect fit they're really worth this extra expenditure. Wearing Hemp HoodLamb you're also making a statement. You're against eco-unfriendly stuff produced on behalf of other popular brands. Clothes sold by Hemp Works are natural, biological and environmentally friendly.

Supporting a non-profit organization

By buying products from the special HDL X Sea Shepherd S fashion line your not only making a fashion statement. You're also supporting Sea Shepherd, a non-profit organization trying to stop the illegal killing of whales by Japanese whalers. These whalers say that they're killing whales for scientific research, but they only kill them for their own profits.

Contact information Hemp Works

You can contact Hemp Works by calling +31 20 42 11 76 2 or by e-mailing info@hempworks.nl. The fashion is sold online via www.hoodlamb.com. If you're in Amsterdam you can also decide to visit their shop. It's open 7 days a week from 11am to 7pm. On thursdays, fridays and saturdays the shop will be open for an additional two hours in the evening.

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